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The same does not remain the same.

Printsale — I started a printsale to produce a new work. Read all about it below.

In the summer of 2017 I started this ever growing image collection.
All the results of this are shared on my Instagram feed. They are mainly observations of the street.

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A lot can happen in a year

At the moment I’m revisiting the places I was a year ago. 
The idea I’m working with right now is to photograph these places, on the same date and time, on the dot.
In this way the earth has made it’s full round around the sun and everything is aligned in the same way.

The changes that are visible after a full year is what make this work interesting.On a very small level I show what can happen in a year. For me it’s a personal project, because sometimes you need longer periods of time to see any change at all.
Through this realisation I came to the idea to revisit these places and make change itself the subject.

Inspiration for this project mainly comes from the process philsopher Henri Bergson and a book by Michael Foley about Bergson.
Foley writes: ‘ The paradox is that the only escape from time is in submission to time. ‘


‘Bergson distinguished two versions of time – the measured, which he defined as clock time, and the experienced, which he defined as duration’. 

In this project I try to capture both versions of time. By photographing these places from apparent objective point I try to capture the 'clock time' and everything that happens in between is 'duration'.
It's the ultimate process of a circle around the sun.

Examples of duo’s are:

Mormoiron, Mont Ventoux

On October 19th 2018 it’s a year ago since I photographed the tree below, near the Mont Ventoux in Southern France.
To make this journey once again I started this print sale.

This tree has a monolithic character to me and that’s why I find it exciting to see what happened to it in a year. Will it have remained it’s shape? Is it strong enough to stay the same?

What I'm offering is, postcards, loose prints and framed prints.

1. Postcards 5 duo’s (10 pieces total)   € 15,-       edition of 500  
2. 20 x 30 cm print*                               € 150,-     edition of 50. inkjet print on hahnemühle paper.
3. The duo work, framed 40 x 65cm*    € 1500,-    edition of  5, framed by Mertens Frames in Amsterdam with 97% UV museum glass.

e-mail me to order.

My target for this project is €3500,-, to cover travel, accomodation, material costs, designer costs, honorary and printing costs.

*You can either choose one of the ready duo's or of the to be made work of the tree. 
** There's also a larger format available in an edition of 2, outside of this print sale.

The same does not remain the same (2017-2018)

If you'd like to participate please email me:

All the best,
Olivier van Breugel