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Between Screens

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In Between Screens, Olivier van Breugel and Simone Mudde explore the modern day art museum visitor that hide behide their digital presence. Removing all authenticity by copying every single thing these visitors see.

The project has been featured in many museums and on the internet. There has to be room for another sentence so it works nice.

Project information

Between Screen has since its release been receiving a lot of attention from press and musuems. For one, it has been shown in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and has also been added to its permanent collection.

I'd absolutely love it if you'd take the time to write some more words here because it is important for the visitor to connect with you as a person. This doesn't have to be that many text. Maybe only something like this will be enough. Nobody ever knows what kind of things can happen.

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To accompany the exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum, Simone Mudde and I created this publication. Designed by Kummer & Hermann, essay by Nicole Montagne. 

The publication can be folded out to a full size poster of one of the images. It is for sale in limited edition and the exhibition is currently on until the 22nd of February 2015.

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